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About MéShelle

Hey Merfolk!

My name is MéShelle Fae, and I’m an author, poet, & pirate 
mermaid…but not always in that order!

I write and love reading poetry as well as many types of fantasy!
My past work and current projects include but aren’t limited to:
dark fantasy, high/epic fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal
fantasy, faery tales, superhero fiction, fables, historical fantasy,
and magical realism. 

It’s my goal to tell stories that change lives and to use my platform
to help other writers on this long, rewarding road.

Contact me
 if you want to build community as a fellow creator or
just want to start a new project/writing journey together!


You can learn about my alter ego as a wild-mannered
motivational speaker & editor & ghostwriter & 
diversity, equity, and inclusion expert by stopping by
my LinkedIn page or business site!


12+ years

writing & editing

80+ projects


2 awards 

&honors received

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In her debut poetry collection, fantasy author MéShelle Fae takes poetry readers and enthusiasts on an autobiographical journey through her most impactful memories and their lessons. It’s the story of what shaped her.

Using diverse styles and forms, she explores questions and ideas that anyone can relate to including identity, sexuality, faith, patriotism, culture, and more. MéShelle builds a connection that invites all to join her on this expedition of the heart and share in this journey called LIFE.

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