Let’s Read Those Reviews!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

It’s been amazing!

But I need one more thing from you: YOUR HONEST THOUGHTS AND REVIEWS!

Please do me the honor of leaving at least TWO (2) honest reviews anywhere you can on the internet, and send me an email with the links to your reviews or pictures of them after they’ve been submitted! In exchange, I want to send you a FREE gift to show my gratitude! How awesome is that? In the age of keyboard warriors where everyone fights your opinion, I want to show you my appreciation for yours. 

Here are some links to important review sites:

My Facebook Page
Barnes & Noble

Author: MéShelle Fae

MéShelle is an overindulged millennial born in Atlanta, GA. She’s a daughter of the American South and currently lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and an overactive imagination. MéShelle is a Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s 2018 Balticon Poetry Contest Honorable Mention. She is also the author of the forthcoming Goddess Quartet New Adult dark fantasy series as well as A Memoir: Life in Poetry, her first poetry collection. Her work has been published in “Fiction Southeast” and the “South 85 Journal.” She loves Disney, comic-book films, and anime. Her passion for teaching, mentorship, and community activism led to this blog. As a YA to Adult speculative fiction writer and a poet, MéShelle writes for the nerds, has-beens, geeks, almost were’s, weirdos, and defects. She writes to tell our stories and deliver our truth… with a magical touch.

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