We Have a Cover! This is NOT a Drill!


I have been working on this project, A Memoir: Life in Poetry, for going on three years. It’s been this insane, wild ride that I honestly wasn’t sure would ever come to fruition. Yet, LOOK AT GOD! That’s the only rational explanation I can give because I self-sabotaged at every available opportunity, but God allowed this to happen in spite of me. I’m just so happy to have been the vessel He chose to tell this story…to share my story, my experiences, my moments. And thank ALL of you who have been on this journey with me. I can’t express in words how your commitment to me and belief in me has awed me. I am truly blessed. I am truly thankful. I am truly….just…. here for you in whatever way I can be. Your faith has not been in vain. The last two poems have been written and are currently in the editing/vetting stage. (This is the part where I wear them out, send them to my pros for review and critique, cry a lot over the revision process, then somehow hear the Lord give me the perfect answers to whatever questions are still there.) So, hopefully, within the week, we will have a fully edited, revised, completed manuscript for you to read and love to your hearts’ content. Especially because…did I mention yet….we have a cover! A BRAND NEW HOT OFF THE PRESSES COVER! And it’s gorgeous!

Do you see this??!!

I am so ecstatic that I can’t begin to give words to all of my feelings, but I’ll try. Let’s start with ….. WOOOT!! AGHFHFHRRHH!!! WOOOOAHAHAHHAHAAHAH!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS! IN DA FACEEEEEEE! AT ME!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!

I know I haven’t given you much input on the blog yet, but this is my latest work-in-progress for all the new Pirate Mermaid family members. You can click here and preorder your signed copy NOW! Essentially here’s the skinny:

“I’ve been blessed with a life well-lived. I am grateful. In my gratitude, I have sought with all my heart to collect the experiences that have meant the most to me, for better or otherwise, after 30 years of life, in 30 poems that I composed for A Memoir: Life in Poetry.” Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

A Memoir: Life in Poetry is about moments:

Moments about gender, femininity, and womanhood:
“Am I Woman?”

Moments about identity and pride:
“Black Like Me”
“Daughter of Fire”
“I Belong to America”
the “Southern Fried Haiku” series 

Moments about legacy:
“Letter from the Bridge Builder”
“I Also Dream a World”

Moments about social conventions and hierarchies:
“Mermaid Tail: a pantoum”
“Chicken Little.”

Moments about a life without fear:

Moments about death:
“I Have No Fear of the One Called Death”
“the graveyard is my favorite place.”

Moments about love:
“Beauty and the Beast”
“When We Make It.”

Author: MéShelle Fae

MéShelle is an overindulged millennial born in Atlanta, GA. She’s a daughter of the American South and currently lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and an overactive imagination. MéShelle is a Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s 2018 Balticon Poetry Contest Honorable Mention. She is also the author of the forthcoming Goddess Quartet New Adult dark fantasy series as well as A Memoir: Life in Poetry, her first poetry collection. Her work has been published in “Fiction Southeast” and the “South 85 Journal.” She loves Disney, comic-book films, and anime. Her passion for teaching, mentorship, and community activism led to this blog. As a YA to Adult speculative fiction writer and a poet, MéShelle writes for the nerds, has-beens, geeks, almost were’s, weirdos, and defects. She writes to tell our stories and deliver our truth… with a magical touch.

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